A Key Requirement of any Preventive / Predictive Maintenance Program

Expert Lubricant Analysis to Monitor Equipment Health

Through Tests, including: Oil, Grease, Fuel, Varnish, Coolant, and Chip Testing.

A cornerstone of any reliability based maintenance program should be used oil sampling and analysis. VibeLube offers oil sampling and analysis as an option to integrate into facility preventive/predictive maintenance programs. VibeLube technicians are trained to correctly sample critical lubricants as part of routine route based machine monitoring. An on-site oil sampling program is relatively easy to set up and many customers choose to manage their own. What is very critical is sample acquisition. VibeLube analysts are qualified to provide the consultation to ensure correct sampling procedures are followed. Through VibeLube, customers can easily gather oil samples and send them to our lab for analysis, and then quickly access the results via our lab website.

Oil analysis reports are archived for 24/7 customer access via our web-based server.

VibeLube saves money by helping to keep mobile or stationary machinery running optimally, extending the life of equipment and helping to avoid unscheduled down time. VibeLube have the unique capability of interpreting oil tests in order to predict the maintenance that your equipment will need through regular scheduled oil testing.

Contact us today to get quote on the oil testing your facility requires, whether it is for engine oil, hydraulic oil, diesel oil, or any other type of rotating machinery lubricant.

Once a mature oil lubrication monitoring program is in place, the customer can expect to:

  • Identify mechanical defects in rotating equipment in early stages of failure not detectable by vibration analysis.

  • Eliminate failures by careful monitoring of lubrication quality and particle count.

  • Identify poor lubrication practices (poor seal and breather caps, cover greasing, misapplication and contamination)

  • Extend run time hours by implementing condition-based maintenance as part of the hour based maintenance program.


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