Rotating Equipment Maintenance (PdM) Services and Programs


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Approximately half of all operating costs in most processing and manufacturing operations can be attributed to maintenance. This is ample motivation for studying any activity that can potentially lower these costs. Machine Condition Monitoring and fault diagnostics is one of these activities.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is usually thought of as the use of Condition Monitoring Technologies to detect machinery faults at an early stage, allowing planned corrective maintenance on an as-needed basis. These technologies are known as:

  • Vibration Analysis,
  • Infrared Analysis (thermography),
  • Ultrasound Analysis,
  • Motor Current Analysis,
  • Oil & Wear Particles Analysis.

Predictive Maintenance/Condition Monitoring Programs

Most Condition Monitoring Programs struggle over the first year or fail to deliver meaningful ROI. Ineffective implementation or protracted startup period of a CBM program cost companies money in lost opportunities. VibeLube offers three effective programs you can choose for your plant PdM:

1- In-House or Internal PdM Program

Whether you are starting from scratch or re-institutionalizing a predictive maintenance program from the past, VibeLube and Azima DLI will be with you every step of the way by providing technology, advice, and the expertise you need assure a sustainable program. Our industry leading predictive software, ExpertALERT™, will serve as the centerpiece for your internal program by rapidly screening vibration measurements and applying over 4,500 unique rules to identify individual faults in a wide variety of machine types. ExpertALERT provides fast, accurate, and understandable diagnostic results.
We are also offering Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN™ QuickStart mentorship program which is designed to help get your condition monitoring program up and running over a six month time period. With our expert guidance we will oversee the implementation of your program in three specific phases. After completing QuickStart your staff will have the skills needed to manage a successful CBM program.

2- Semi-Internal PdM Program

This program is suitable and more cost efficient for medium to large size plants. Your staff will be trained to collect vibration data by owned or leased TRIO data collectors. Data will be then replicated to Azima data centre for analysis by professional vibration analysts. Your report will be delivered to you via Watchman Reliability Portal.

3- Out-Sourced PdM Program

For most small to medium size facilities or plants, outsourced program is the best practice particularly when you do not want to invest in infrastructure, instrumentation and reliability staff. VibeLube, as your service provider, visits your site in timely basis for route vibration data collection, analyzes data and provides machine health condition report. This program is very cost effective and ready to start.


VibeLube’s PdM Services:

* Vibration Analysis (Periodic Monitoring/Inspections, Diagnosis/Troubleshooting, Commissioning, Acceptance Testing)

* On-Site Dynamic Fan Balancing

* On-Site Precision Shafts/Coupling Alignment

* IR Thermography

* Ultrasound Analysis

* Oil & Fluid Sampling & Analysis

* Lubrication Management / Optimization